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South Bend area evangelicals rally in support of DACA

February 27, 2018

MISHAWAKA — About 150 people gathered at Bethel College for a program Monday called “Evangelicals for Dreamers” to show their support for open immigration.

“On the news, we are regularly told that evangelicals and Dreamers are at odds,” the Rev. David Cramer said of the young immigrants whose fate rests in the nation’s capital — whose legal status is protected by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. But evangelicals, he said, aren’t all “white conservatives who are opposed to open immigration.”

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Trump Gets What He Wants in Immigration Debate: Quiet on the Right

February 15, 2018

WASHINGTON — In 2006 and again in 2013, Republican moderates joined Democrats in the Senate to pass sweeping overhauls of the nation’s immigration laws with a pathway to citizenship for millions of undocumented immigrants, only to see the compromises torpedoed by a wave of angry activism in the conservative news media and grass roots.
This time, as senators again search for a way forward on immigration, a revolt from the right has so far failed to materialize, in large part because of the intransigence of a different player: a man in the White House who has mostly satisfied immigration hard-liners.

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Baptists weigh in on Senate immigration/DACA debate

February 15, 2018

WASHINGTON (BP) — Southern Baptist voices are addressing the U.S. Senate’s current effort to resolve the fate of undocumented immigrants brought to this country as children.

Senators began yesterday (Feb. 14) moving toward votes on legislation to address the category of undocumented immigrants known as Dreamers, as well as other parts of the tangled web of immigration that Congress has failed to address in recent decades. The Senate is expected to make decisions on a series of amendments in an attempt to agree before the Presidents’ Day recess (Feb. 19-23) on a bill that will have the support of 60 senators and thereby overcome an effort to block passage under the chamber’s rules.

The Senate is deliberating as a critical deadline for Dreamers nears. On March 5, a program known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) — which has given about 800,000 people relief from deportation — will expire. If no legislative resolution is achieved by that date, an estimated 1,000 people a day will lose their protection from deportation. Two federal judges — one in New York and another in San Francisco — have temporarily blocked the Trump administration from ending DACA, however.


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Evangelical Leaders Urge Congress to Preserve Family Reunification Options

February 15, 2018

WASHINGTON, D.C.— Today evangelical leaders sent a letter to members of Congress urging them against making dramatic cuts to legal family reunification programs within U.S. immigration law.

While celebrating progress in the U.S. Senate toward a legislative solution for the young immigrants known as Dreamers, evangelical leaders defended longstanding family reunification programs, noting that opportunities already are limited to close family members of U.S. citizens and not extended family such as grandparents, uncles or aunts, or cousins.

“Simply put, the misleading idea that immigrants bring an unlimited chain of extended family members with them to our country is false,” they write. “The existing family sponsorship categories are limited and, we believe, should remain in place to preserve the unity of families.”

The letter concludes: “We urge you to work on a bipartisan basis to find a permanent solution that allows Dreamers to earn citizenship in the only country they have known as home, achieves lasting border security improvements for the safety of our country and the integrity of our immigration laws, and avoids making dramatic cuts to existing laws for family reunification.”

The following are quotes today from Evangelical Immigration Table leaders who signed the statement:

Leith Anderson, President, National Association of Evangelicals:
“Mom, Dad, brother, sister, family — these are those we know best and love most. Let’s keep families together.”

Scott Arbeiter, President, World Relief:
“We are encouraged by the growing, bipartisan recognition of the need to find a durable legislative solution for Dreamers. We urge Congress to act now on their behalf and to also maintain our historic commitment to the reunification of close family members, protecting the God-ordained family structure as a matter of both compassion and national interest.”

Hyepin Im, President and CEO, Faith and Community Empowerment:
“Families and family support are the values we uphold as humanity and as a country. Numerous studies have shown strong families make our communities and our country stronger socially and economically. We lift you up in prayers to do the right and good thing for our country and our conscience.”

Jo Anne Lyon, Ambassador, The Wesleyan Church:
“Since creation, family has been the bedrock of a fruitful society. All members of a family will flourish when they are united and supporting each other resulting in a strong nation.”

Additional signatories to the letter include Dr. Russell Moore (President, Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention), Rev. Samuel Rodriguez (President, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference), and Shirley Hoogstra (President, Council of Christian Colleges and Universities).


Faith Leaders on Immigration: ‘Families Aren’t Chains’

January 30, 2018

Faith leaders are ready to hear the President spell out his plans to fix immigration in his State of the Union speech tonight, but they’re hoping he won’t use the newly popular term “chain migration.”

Rev. Gabriel Salguero, president of the National Latino Evangelical Coalition has urged evangelicals to condemn the wording saying “the appropriate term is family unification, not chain migration. By changing the language many obfuscate the human toll of separating families.”


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