“I Was A Stranger”

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As we emerge from a divisive national election in the United States, the topic of immigration has become politically polarized. While followers of Jesus may disagree on the specifics of immigration and refugee policy, though, we can be united by our commitment to viewing this complex topic through the lens of God's word.

Sadly, according to a recent LifeWay Research Survey, that's not necessarily the perspective from which most evangelical Christians are viewing this topic at present: just 12% of evangelical Christians say that their views on immigration issues are primarily influenced by the Bible. If we believe that the Scripture ought to be our ultimate authority for all of life, this statistic needs to change.

The "I Was a Stranger" Challenge is designed to be a discipleship tool to help pastors and church leaders to challenge those whom they shepherd and influence—whether a full congregation or an Adult Education class, small group, youth group, etc.—to consider the many ways that the Bible speaks to this important topic.

The challenge is simple: pass out the "I Was a Stranger" Challenge bookmarks and ask people to join you in committing to read one Scripture passage per day for forty days, praying each day that God would give us His mind and heart as we reflect on these passages.

You can use the buttons below to get your bookmarks. You can either:

Some congregations have used this challenge during Advent or Lent, but it can be started at any time of the year.

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Here are a number of additional resources for you to utilize as you invite your congregation to take part in this challenge: