“I Was A Stranger”

Challenge Your LEGISLATORS

Evangelical Christians in the United States are a powerful political force merely on account of our numbers, so when pastors, church leaders, and lay people proactively make their opinions known to elected officials, it has the potential to influence a legislator's decision-making process.

Beyond political power, though, Christians have another unique role: we are called to pray for "kings and all those in authority" (1 Tim. 2:2) (regardless of whether or not we voted for or approve of the policies of a particular legislator) and, particularly since most Members of Congress themselves profess to be Bible-believing Christians, to minister to and disciple them to be faithful followers of Christ.

We ultimately want Christians to encourage legislators to vote in favor of immigration policies that we believe are consistent with biblical values both because we care for the immigrant communities that these policies directly affect and because we legitimately care for our elected officials and want, for their own sakes, for them to do what is right and just.

You can use this tool to challenge your elected officials to join you in allowing biblical principles to influence their views. While you can use the template language we have suggested, we also encourage you to personalize this message. By providing your address, we can ensure this message is emailed to the appropriate representatives based on where you live.

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