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Kelly Rosati: Will you stand with kids?

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I’ve spent my career advocating for vulnerable children.

For many years, I served as Vice President of Child Advocacy at Focus on the Family helping the church step up for children in foster care waiting for permanent families. And, I’m on the board of the national March for Life, because I believe that each human life is made in God’s image.
But I’m not writing in those capacities—those are just to give you a bit of my background. I’m writing as a mom, which is my most important role.

I love my four children fiercely. Each of them were adopted into our family after some very difficult experiences in the foster care system. I’ve seen the long-term effects that traumatic experiences can have on young children.
That is why I’m so heart-broken by what’s happening along the US-Mexico border. Children are being taken away from mothers and fathers, most of whom love their children just as I love mine. Many are fleeing horrific gang violence in Central America and are simply trying to reach safety in this great country.
I’m not an expert on immigration policy, and this is not about politics for me. Good people can disagree on the details of immigration policy. I think it’s important to have secure borders. But it’s not right to tear children away from their moms and dads. There has to be a better way.
A group of national Christian leaders sent a letter to the White House last week (full text at this link), respectfully asking our elected officials to reconsider new policies that are resulting in children being separated from their parents. I’ve added my name to this letter, and I wanted to invite you to do the same.
Click here to add your name.
It breaks my heart to think about kids in this situation right now. Please, join me in praying for them, even as we advocate for change.
Kelly Rosati

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