Preaching God’s Heart for Immigrants

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Immigrants’ Stories
Immigrants’ Stories
Pedro and Martha
Walter and Andrea
Stories of Christians Engaging Immigration Issues
Stories of Christians Engaging Immigration Issues
Josh Martin
Don & Carol Ann Webb
Paco Cojon


  • The church must always show compassion, always… A good Samaritan doesn't stop and ask the injured person. 'Are you legal or illegal?

    Rick WarrenSenior Pastor, Saddleback Church
  • In terms of the Great Commission, right here in our home, right here in the United States, right in our own towns, we’ve never faced such a Great Commission responsibility. We have never faced such a Great Commission opportunity.

    Albert MohlerPresident, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Why is immigration policy important to evangelicals? Certainly because we believe what the Bible teaches about treatment of “aliens in the land.” It is also because so many Hispanic, African and Asian immigrants are evangelical Christians who are in our denominations and churches by the millions. They are us.

    Leith AndersonPresident, National Association of Evangelicals


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