The Evangelical Immigration Table Focuses in on the House Debate

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The Evangelical Immigration Table Focuses in on the House Debate

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WASHINGTON, D.C., JULY 9, 2013 — Ahead of the key House GOP conference on immigration being held tomorrow, national and local evangelical leaders came together to unveil a trio of actions they’re taking to support members who stand up for immigration reform. Now more than ever, these influential leaders are calling on their legislators to pass commonsense immigration reform that is compassionate and just.

On the call, speakers highlighted their most recent Pray for Reform campaign effort — a full page-ad in Politico that ran earlier this morning thanking each senator that voted for reform and letting House members know that they remain in evangelicals’ prayers.

In addition to the ad, the speakers discussed a series of letters that went from Evangelical Immigration Table leaders to House members ahead of tomorrow’s meeting. The leaders also spoke about the upcoming Pray for Reform Day of Prayer and Action in Washington, which will help bring the Pray for Reform campaign to a close. On July 24th, hundreds of evangelicals are expected to come to Washington, D.C. where they will meet for a day of worship and meetings with influential House legislators, urging them to pass immigration reform that adheres to biblical principles before the August recess. Pray for Reform began in May and comprises of tens of thousands of evangelicals across the country.

The following quotes can be attributed to speakers who were on the call.

Noel Castellanos, CEO of the Christian Community Development Association:
“We want to reiterate our thanks to the Senate for passing their version of an immigration bill and now we call on the House to do the same. That’s what we expect to see happen for the sake of our country and also for the sake of the 11 million immigrants in a very vulnerable position.”

Mathew Staver, Chairman of the Liberty Counsel:
“This summer, Congress must follow through with broad immigration reform that simultaneously keeps our borders secure, respects the rule of law and provides a way out of the shadows for our neighbors who dream of becoming American citizens. Each day that passes is a missed opportunity to replace our broken system with a process that adheres to biblical values. The House must move forward, and it must not create a permanent second class that comprises millions of people. We seek neither amnesty nor any special treatment, but rather a tough but achievable process through which aspiring Americans can one day contribute fully to our country as citizens.”

David Cooper, President and Head of School, Front Range Christian School, Littleton, Colo.:
“Looking at immigration through a biblical lens has awakened us to the need for broad reform. We will support our Colorado representatives’ efforts to create a new immigration process that honors the Christian values of human dignity and family unity. Alongside hundreds of evangelicals from across the country, I am coming to Washington on July 24th to tell Congress in person that now is the time.”


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